Frequently we have been asked these questions.  It is everything you ever wanted to know about BizBiz Stock and so much more.  It has taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to put our FAQ’s together, so please, please read them!  Feel free to ask us anything you think we have missed and if it makes sense we will add them to the list.

Getting started

We are an industrial Marketplace where you buy and sell surplus inventory.  This could be overstock, deadstock, excess inventory, obsolete inventory. We make it easy for your company to purchase this inventory without being locked into the minimums and prices.  We specialize in metal raw materials and parts.  We are a B2B marketplace.

We have been in business in Canada since 2015 under the BizBiz Share banner.  Due to our success and proven concept we are forging ahead into new markets.

Follow the steps below; 

go to bizbizstock.com and click “Join Now”

Fill in the form, you will be requested to enter;

  • your email address
  • your first and last name
  • your company name
  • phone number 
  • Select buyer, seller or buyer & seller
  • Company address

Complete all fields  and click on “Sign Up” 

You will receive an email asking you to create a password.  Once this is done your account will be activated. 

Membership is free and you are not requested to enter a credit card.  By joining BizBiz Stock you are automatically signed up for our newsletter.

The password must contain at least 8 characters and meet at least two out of three requirements listed below (2/3): 

  • Password must contain an uppercase letter. 
  • Password must contain a digit. 
  • Password must contain a special character

Example of a valid password: Afwkgi23  or  afwkgi2!

It is free to become a BizBiz Stock member.

There are many options;

  • Send us an email at info@bizbizstock.com 
  • Schedule a call
  • Call us at 514 695 0007 for Canada and 224 444 6150 for Chicago
  • Click on the contact us button on the homepage (in the menu and the footer)

The information you have already entered will be auto-filled into your profile.

Click on “My Profile” on your top menu

Click on “Edit Info” to add a description of your company.

Click on “Add Photo” to add up to 6 pictures of your company.  

Click on “Save Changes” and now your profile is complete.

Follow the steps below; 

go to bizbizstock.com and click “Schedule a call”.

You will be brought to a new page where you can schedule the call yourself.

Pick the date you would like to make the call.  In this case, we picked the 27th.

Then select the time you would like to book the call for and confirm.

Once you confirm you will see a new screen, enter your phone #, more details on what you would like to discuss in your call and you can add a guest.

Once you have entered all your information click on “schedule Event”


You will then see a confirmation of the details.

An invitation will also be sent to your inbox.  You will have to click on “yes” to the invitation.  Your call has been scheduled.  If you click on “no”  the call will be canceled.

To go back to the BizBiz Stock website just click on the go back arrow on the top of your screen.


The BizBiz Stock Marketplace (link) is where all the available inventory is displayed. BizBiz Stock does not physically own any of the inventory.  We display the manufacturer’s inventory for other manufacturers to purchase.  We help a lot of companies get rid of their dead stock.  We serve as a middleman without the costs or lead times associated with using a middleman.

“Surplus” “excess” “overstock” “dead” or “writeoff” inventory.  No matter what you call it we know it is a costly problem. Our focus is the B2B manufacturing area.It can be inventory you purchased that is sitting there unused.  Inventory that there is no plan to use. Inventory you no longer have a need for. Inventory left over from a project. Inventory you received that was incorrect and you can’t return. The possibilities are endless.

We focus on metal inventory.  The raw materials and parts that are needed to manufacture products.  The categories are steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and all other metals.

Just click on Marketplace on the top menu.

You will then have access to all the inventory available for sale.

If you find something you are interested in just click on the image.

You will now be able to see all the details on the inventory.

If you have inventory you would like to sell that doesn’t fall under our core categories, but does fall into the metal manufacturing sectors let us know.  We cannot guarantee we can get a seller but we can certainly try.  If we feel we will not be able to help you we will let you know.

You can reach us through any of the following methods;

  • Send us an email at info@bizbizstock.com 
  • Schedule a call
  • Call us at 514 695 0007 for Canada and 224 444 6150 for Chicago
  • Click on the contact us button on the homepage (in the menu and the footer)

Log in. You will find “ADD A RESOURCE” on the right-hand side of your dashboard. Click on it.

Fill in all requested information. There is an option to add french to your listing. For Quebec companies, we highly suggest making your posting in both French and English. Add in the price.  If you cannot add a definitive price you have the option to select negotiable. This is found in the ”/hour” dropdown.

At the very bottom click on “Upload images”.  You can and are encouraged to load multiple images of your resource.  If you don’t have an Image contact us and we may be able to help you.

Don’t forget to click on “SAVE” once you have entered all your info.

Note that you will always have the final say on any deal made. Continue this process to post all of your available resources.

If you are a member:                                                                                         


Click on “Marketplace”

You will see a search bar.

Click on “Resources”. Type in the item you are looking for.  

You can click on “SEARCH” at this point and you will see all the resources available.


For example Type “stainless steel”.

Your results will show all the stainless steel available in your neighborhood.


When you search for inventory, you can narrow your options by using the filters within our search bar.

If you want to filter your resource search even further you can click on “Distance”  with the sliding ruler and select the radius you would like.  The results will change and will show the available “stainless steel”  within the selected 50km radius.


A second option is to use the preset filters in the “Category”  and “Sub-category” section of the search bar.  To clear your search criteria click on “reset”.  Then you can begin a new search.


If you do not find the inventory you are looking for,  you can always make a request for a resource. You can find the information here How do I request a resource (inventory)

To make a request for a resource you can do it through the Marketplace or login.  We strongly suggest you login as all requests done while logged in are looked at by our team of experts who will work to broker a deal for the inventory you are looking for.

Once you login you will be on your dashboard

Click on “REQUEST A RESOURCE”  (Resource means inventory)

Fill in the form

Click on “Save”

Your request for a resource (inventory) is now live and all members within your neighbourhood will be notified.

When you buy inventory on BizBiz Stock, you’re making arrangements to buy the inventory from another member. BizBiz Stock does not own any inventory, our platform serves as a broker between the two members.

1. Complete Your Profile                                                                                                           You must complete your profile before you can purchase any inventory. This will let the other members know a little bit about your company and have confidence in the legitimacy of members.  Your profile should include your logo, a little bit about your company and contact information.  See How do I create a Company Profile for details.

2. Find the Right Inventory                                                                                                    

With over $2,000,000 worth of unique metal inventory listings, you’ll want to make sure the inventory you choose is exactly what you need.

Use our search bar found on the home page filters to narrow down your search.  Refer to How do I search for inventory? For details.

  1. Book It!

You’ve found the perfect inventory, now it’s time to make it official. 

  1. Negotiate the Deal
    Occasionally a member will be flexible on a selling price. You are able to negotiate with the Seller directly on the platform.  For more details refer to How do I negotiate a deal? 
  2. Agree on Price
    Once both the seller and the buyer agree on a price you can begin to complete the process.
  3. Shipping

There is a Shipping option.  If you require the inventory be transported from Company A to your company,  you can choose the “Shipping Option”.  For more details refer to How does the Shipping Option work?

Login On the Dashboard you search by clicking the “Look for Resources” box

On the Marketplace, you use the search bar

Select the inventory you are interested in

You will see “make an offer” – click on that and begin the negotiation process.

You can now chat with the owner of the inventory you are looking to buy.

The Chat remains available throughout the negotiation process and even after the negotiations are complete and the offer has been accepted.  Chat at the bottom of the page remains available even after you agree on a price.

Transportation is part of the negotiation process.  The details of transportation will be decided upon between the buyer and the seller.  BizBiz Stock will serve as a middle man for the negotiation process.  If there is a need for transportation BizBiz Stock does provide a transport option. There may be a transportation fee above the negotiated fee for the inventory.  This fee is between the buyer and the seller and there is no commission paid to BizBiz Stock on the transportation.

No, the shipping feature is an option.  If you do not need it just answer “No” to the question “Do you need “Shipping?” during the reservation process.

We only work with reputable companies and require that they supply all the pertinent information and certifications that a buyer would require to make an educated purchase.  If the inventory does not fit your needs exactly you are not obligated to purchase the inventory.

Account Settings

We have a number of notifications, but it is always the member’s choice whether or not they want to receive the various notifications.

Go to “My Profile” 

Click on “Settings”


All notification settings will default to receive notifications.

If you do not wish to receive any of the notifications or just some notification, click on the slider of each notification you don’t wish to receive, the button will turn grey


Click on “UPDATE” and you will no longer receive this notification.

You can change your notifications at any time.

On the top menu, you will see a small bell – when you have new and unseen notifications the number of notifications will appear on the bell.

If you click on the bell you will see a small view of your notifications.

If you wish to read your notifications click on your company name, you will see a drop-down menu

Click on “Notifications”.

You will now have a full view of your notifications.

To delete a notification click on the trash can icon.

Go to “My Profile”

Click on “Settings”

Use the drop-down menu to change the language preferred.

If you have forgotten your password or want to change your password you use for your BizBiz Stock account:

Go to “Login” on the homepage

Click on “Forgot Password”

We will send an email to the email address connected to the account

Open the email and click on “change my password”

You can edit the information that appears on your BizBiz Stock profile, such as your main profile Logo, contact email address, photos, and your About section from your Dashboard.

Log in, you will now be on your Dashboard

Click on “My Profile”                                                                                                                              
All your info will appear on the left-hand side. If you are on mobile your profile info will appear on the “info” tab.

Click on the “Edit” buttons

Make your changes                                                                                                                   

Click on ”Save” and your done

You can easily change your “contact email” through the “Edit Info” function on the “Contact Person” section of your profile. 

To change the email connected to the membership for login purposes please contact info@bizbizstock.com.

There can only be one email and one password connected to your BizBiz Stock membership.


It is absolutely free to join.  No risk, No cost.

Posting your inventory on the Marketplace is FREE.  The only time a fee is paid is when a member purchases your inventory.  There is a 10% fee taken by BizBiz Stock as an admin fee.

For example, the list price of your inventory is $1000, you negotiate with the buyer and the final price is $900.  BizBiz Stock will collect the $900 from the buyer and will forward $810 to the seller. $900 (cost of inventory) x 10% (admin fee) = $90  $900- $90 = $810 (total to seller)

Once you have selected the inventory you are interested in, on the right hand side you will see a form.

Fill in the form and your offer has been made.  BizBiz Stock will serve as the middleman in the deal.  You will be contacted by a member of the Customer Support team.  Once the seller approves your offer and transport arrangements are made, you will be requested to make your payment upon receipt of the inventory.  BizBiz Stock will pay the seller directly.

As a buyer you only pay the price of the inventory you are purchasing.  There are no additional fees.

There is a 10% transaction fee for all sellers.

Payment & service: includes all the processing and bank fees that keep the funds in a secure account and secure issue payouts.

Administration: this fee represents all the human interaction and verification necessary to complete each transaction. It also allows us to keep our online and phone customer support at the highest standard.

Maintenance of the platform: the totality of these fees are invested in the continuous development of a better, easy to use, platform for our users.

Commissions: Our way of giving back to the associations, cities, and organizations that help in the growth of BizBiz Stock.

The total price of any inventory on BizBiz Stock is based on the selling price set by the owner of the inventory. We request that all inventory be priced below prime price. The price can be negotiated between the two members. There are additional fees or costs determined by either the selection of services or BizBiz Stock. These may include:

  • BizBiz Stock service fee: (2%)Transactional fee is charged by BizBiz Stock, this covers the payment processing fees, helps BizBiz Stock run smoothly and to offer Membership support.

Shipping fee: This is the fee charged by our shipping service to cover the cost of transportation of a resource from company A to company B. (if needed)

During the negotiation/payment process you can cancel your transaction at any time by clicking on “Cancel Negotiation”.  You will then be asked if you are sure, click “yes” or “no”.

If you have completed your negotiation/payment process the transaction is then confirmed and valid.  If you would like to cancel your confirmed reservation you will have to email info@bizbizstock.com or call us. We will contact the seller to see if he agrees to nullify the transaction.

If the seller accepts to cancel the confirmed transaction upon your request you will receive a full refund minus any fees incurred by BizBiz Stock.  Ex. payment processing fees.

Once the transaction has been accepted the seller does not have the right to cancel the reservation.

The methods of payment are by corporate check or Credit Card (Visa,Mastercard, Amex).  (ACH payments coming soon)

Once you have completed your negotiations, confirmed whether or not you need shipping, you can go to the confirmation tab.

This is where you review all the details of your transaction.  If all is good click on “Next” or the “Payment” tab.

On the Payment tab, you will have the choice to either enter a new credit card or use one of your saved credit cards. Note the default is set to saved cards.  You just need to click on the image of the card you wish to use.

If you wish to add a new card just fill in the required info and click on “Pay now”.

The order can be cancelled only with  a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the scheduled delivery date.  You will be charged the 3% admin fees which equals the cost BizBiz Stock to complete the transaction.

Once the inventory is purchased there are no refunds.  The buyer must ensure they ask all questions required. If there is an exception you can open a ticket in the customer service department. info@bizbizstock.com


If you do not wish to receive our newsletter simply click on the “unsubscribe” on the bottom of any communications we send you.

Click on Careers or or send us an email to HR@BizBizShare.com  State that you are specifically interested in working for BizBiz Stock.

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